A small nuclear shelter in the former closed town of Sillamäe became internationally interesting over two years after our visit. We shared the cordinates with finnish artist Jussi Kivi. Kivi is a member of the Romantic Geographic Society. He visited the shelter in 2008 and 'saved' some artifacts. He merged these artifacts to his private Fire & Rescue Museum and took the whole thing to Venice Biennale 2009.

More information of Jussi Kivi and his Fire & Rescue Museum:
Helsingin Sanomat (finnish), Esoteerinen maantiede (finnish), Kiasma (finnish), Washington Post (english)
Romantic Geographic Society

Here's more pictures of the Shelter from TreStalkers' archives:
Images of the Apocalypse 1
Images of the Apocalypse 2 (Under construction)

UPDATED: September 18th 2009